GCMF is an uprising representative in the global Chinese business market. Founded by professionals & academics from 4 different countries. Providing a platform to promote Chinese marketing, upholding the standard of excellence in the practice of marketing via case studies, recognition of achievements, fostering innovations .

China (Taiwan):
Jen Lichung

Zeng Ya Fei
Honorary President

Roger Wang
Vice President

China (Hong Kong):
Sherman Lam


Through the process of case study & analytic, to pursue the latest industry and enterprises trends, focus on the development of industry and enterprises; aims to let participants understand the experience of successful enterprises, and take the lessons from the failed enterprises, learn more about enterprise real-time trends. Case study & analytic competition is a major competition for business student, contents of the case study involves marketing management, financial management, strategic management, etc. All teams are required to have a case study and provide its solutions in the form of formal reports and having a presentation, it embodies a whole process of thinking, a platform to improve participants’ abilities in problem identifying, analytical skills and solving skills, as well as the team spirit and communication skills, by improving all participants’ comprehensive quality.

Registration Requirements


Participants Participants should be college or University entrants from mainland China, China Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Sri Lanka and other countries within the region.
Registration Requirements Each team must comprise of 3 to 6 students and 1 to 2 mentors. Each student is allowed to be part of only one team, while mentors are allowed to guide more than one team. The role of the mentors is to provide guidance and advice to the teams.
Deadline of Registration 31 March 2020, 23:59 Hours



    • To participate, please click on the following link to register online:
    • If you have any issues registering, email to
    • A confirmation email will be sent to the teams once payment has been received. If you have yet to receive the email, you are not allowed to participate in the competition
    • The registration fees does not include payment for your accommodation, food and transportation.

    Register online at the online portal:

    Successful A confirmation email will be sent to you in 1-2 days Teams to make payment of SGD $600.00 (excluding TT fee) by 31st May 2020 Congatulations! You have successfully registered for the competition. Invoice will be issued.
    Unsuccessful Email to    

    Teams must make payment for online registration by 31st May 2020 (teams that fail to do so would not be allowed to participate in the competition). An invoice will be issued by GCMF upon receiving the payment. Invoice has to be presented on day of competition for registration.

    Registration & Payment


    TT Bank Transfer

    Bank Name  : United Overseas Bank Limited Singapore
    Bank Branch  : JURONG EAST JEM
    Bank Code  : 7375
    Branch Code  : 336
    Account Number  : 388-304-662-3
    Swift Code  : UOVBSGSG

    After transferring, please email TT slip to
    *Do note that the stated SGD $600 excludes additional fees to be paid base on your bank requirements.


    • Each team is to submit a proposal in PDF format and presentation in PPT. All proposals are to be in English or Chinese and should come with an independent cover with the team name, names of the team members and mentors.
    • The names of the students’ Universities or colleges should not appear in the proposal or on any page of the proposal.
    • Email subject format please follow the format : competition name(short form) -year – team name e.g BMCSAC– 2020 – Beijing University
    • The proposal should be submitted by the deadline to
    • Participating teams must submit their final project report and their presentation power point (PPT) slides by email to by the final submission date and time.
    • PPT slides are to be submitted in Microsoft PowerPoint, slide size must be Widescreen 16:9.
    • Students are to bring the softcopy of the presentation slides along with them to prevent the loss of documents / corrupted documents.
    • Order of presentation will be decided through balloting before teams arrive in Singapore.
    • Each team will have 10 minutes to present, followed by 5 minutes of Q&As. All reports and presentations must be submitted either in English or Chinese.

    Format & Deliverables

    The competition requires a submission in the form of a proposal and a project roadmap. The roadmap must include a 10-minute presentation, followed by a 5-minute Q&A segment. A timekeeper will issue a reminder to each team once they have reached the final minute of their presentation. The entire competition will be conducted in English or Chinese.

    Each team is required to select an enterprise for the case study. (The selected enterprise should be typical and familiar to everyone).

    Following are the factors should be included in your written report, and you may also include more factors in: 

    • Table of Contents
    • Abstract
    • Introduction
    • Case Profile
    • Enterprise Internal Analysis
    • Enterprise External Analysis
    • Enterprise Management Model
    • Development limitations
    • Conclusion and Inspiration
    • Appendix and References

    Judging Criteria

    Final result is the combination of the scores for report (60%) which is 60 marks  and presentation (40%) which is 40 marks, total 100 marks (100%).

    Judging criteria of written report (60 points)

    Judging criteria –  Written report Points
    Analysis Objective Analyzes specific development and actual situation of the enterprise in the region of where the participating teams are located, by reflect and embodies the regional development characteristics 10
    Analysis Perspective Giving reasonable ideas/opinions on the view of the case from a new and unique perspective 10
    Analysis framework Explicit viewpoints, clear thinking, well structured, Open-mindedness, and  sufficient argumentation 20
    Analysis Methodology Analyzing with leading-edge and innovative analysis methods and tools 10
    Analysis Results Giving recommendations with rationality, feasibility, innovate  and practical significance 10


    Judging criteria of presentations and Q&A (40 points)

    Judging criteria – Presentations and Q&A Points
    Content Integrity 5
    Problem Identification 5
    Clarity on exposition and Decision-making confirmation 5
    Accurateness and effectiveness on conclusion 5

    Responsiveness on matching the question with the


    Presentation Professionalism (Including the use of visual aids, such as PowerPoint etc.) 5
    Vocal technique and Non-verbal skills 5
    Time distribution/management & Teamwork 5


    31 March 2020 15 May 2020 31 May 2020 13 & 14 June 2020
    Closing of registration Submission of final report & presentation slides Closing of Registration Payment Business Event Planning Competition


    Winner Cash prize of SGD $800 and Trophy
    1st Runner Up Cash prize of SGD $600 and Trophy
    2nd Runner Up Cash prize of SGD $400 and Trophy
    Best Performing Team Cash prize of SGD $200 and Plaque
    Outstanding Originality Team Award Cash prize of SGD $200 and Plaque
    Best Performing (Individual) Cash prize of SGD $200 and Plaque
    Gold Award (金质奖) GCMF Award Plaque
    Silver Award (银质奖) GCMF Award Plaque

    All participating teams will be presented with certificates of participation. All prizes are subject to changes with further notice.


    Date Activity
    13 June 2020 BMCSA Competition
    14 June 2020 Grand Finals & Award Ceremony



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