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“One Competition, endless prospects & opportunities.”

The Global Brand Planning Competition (GBPC) is a brand marketing plan competition to showcase bright and exciting new marketing talents from global universities.

The competition aims to provide students with:

  • A platform to bring pride & recognition to their home country & universities,
  • Opportunities & exposure to the international marketing industry via exchange and networking with marketing professionals and peers.

Competition Format & Deliverables

Participating teams will have to come up with a business plan for a product / brand from a brand building perspective. A summarized content of 10-minute and 5-minute Q&A presentation ought to be prepared and presented on the day of competition.

The business plan chosen by the teams must be based on a real product/brand in which teams will assume the role of marketing/brand consultants. The key focus is the ability of the team to offer a brand building plan of the product based on their understanding upon the brand’s current condition, position, performance and the company’s business model.

Your recommendation should also help to improve the brand image of the product.

Format of submitted report:
Each team has to submit the report in either English or Chinese.
In the report’s cover page, the following must be clearly listed:

  • Team name & names of all members;
  • Name of team mentor;
  • Name of corporation from which the brand is chosen for report;
  • Team leader’s contact information (email address and mobile phone number);
  • Number of pages for the main content of each report (excludes the cover page and any surveys and its findings);
  • Any survey and its findings should be attached at the end of the report.

The name of school MUST NOT be shown in all reports or presentations.
All promotional and communication recommended should follow guidelines stated in the Consolidated ICC Code of Advertising and Marketing Communication Practice (2011).

File name of your submitted report should be in the following format: (Name_of_school)_(team_name)_(name_of_team_leader)_(team_number)

All reports and materials must be submitted before the stated deadline via email.

Your Brand Business report/proposal should include the following content:

  1. Table of Content
  2. Executive Summary
  3. Introduction
  4. Analysis of the current corporate/brand image
  5. Brand Position
  6. Core Brand Equity and Value
  7. Brand Elements Design
  8. Brand Promotion and Communication
  9. Protection of Brand Assets
  10. Risk Management
  11. Budget and Financial Forecast
  12. Appendix and References

The following must be considered and established:

  1. An analysis of current brand image/position should include internal and/or external environmental factors.
  2. The following should be considered when making recommendations for improvements in brand positioning
    • Analysis of long term macro and micro environmental condition
    • Selection of the targeted market segments so as to satisfy the needs of target customers:
    • Identify current and potential competitors
    • Identify similarities and differences of brand versus those of competitors’
    • Explain style and uniqueness of own brand
    • Core brand value must be easily recognized by both internal stake holders and target customers
  3. Brand elements should include brand name, internet domain name, logo, trademark, slogan, spoke person, packaging and theme music of your advertisements.
  4. All promotions and communications of brand should follow guidelines stated in the Consolidated ICC Code of Advertising and Marketing Communication Practices.
  5. Policies and procedures on brand asset protection should be formulated.
  6. Identify procedures and contingencies on potential risks in brand building process.
  7. Identify costs and budgets for brand proposals.
  8. Teams should also:
    • Align vision, mission and value of brand
    • State references for all quotes
    • Include all tables, diagrams, articles and supporting materials from public sources in appendix;
    • Identify assumptions, if any, for analysis and recommendations.

Judging Criteria

Judging criteria will encompass the following and more:

  • Comprehensiveness of report
  • Problem identification and analysis
  • Proposed solutions’ effectiveness and feasibility
  • PPT Slides, Materials and Presentation
  • Ability to address judges’ questions
  • Verbal and non-verbal communication skills
  • Team performance and time management


Winner Cash prize of SGD$800 and Trophy
1st runner up Cash prize of SGD$600 and Trophy
2nd runner up Cash prize of SGD$400 and Trophy
Best presenter (individual) Cash prize of SGD$200 and Trophy
Best report (team) Cash prize of SGD$200 and Trophy
Best Performing Team Cash prize of SGD$200 and Trophy

*All participating teams will be presented with certificates of participation
*All prizes are subjected to changes without notice

Terms & Conditions

The GBPC is an invitation open to only competition for university and polytechnic schools. Invited schools will include university undergraduates & polytechnic diploma students from China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand and Malaysia. Each school will be allowed to send a maximum of 2 teams.

Students should come from business related disciplines including BBA, Sales and Marketing, Retailing, Franchising, International Business, E-commerce, Hospitality, Hotel and Tourism, Events Management, General Management and Economics Studies, etc.

Team composition: 3 – 5 students in each team, along with 1 faculty mentor (optional).

Final submission of business plan and presentation: 15 May 2019, 23:59 hours.

Rules & Regulations

Participating teams must submit their final project report and their presentation power point (PPT) slides by email to by the final submission date and time.

PPT slides are to be submitted in Microsoft PowerPoint 2010/2013, slide size must be Widescreen 16:9.

Students are to bring the softcopy of the presentation slides along with them to prevent loss of documents / corrupted documents.

Order of presentation will be decided through balloting before teams arrive in Singapore.

Each team will have 10 minutes to present, followed by 5 minutes of Q&As. All reports and presentations must be submitted either in English or Chinese.

Final submission of business plan and presentation: 15 May 2019, 23:59 hours.


To participate, please click on the following link to register online:

If you have any issues registering, email to

An invoice will be sent to the teams once payment has been received. If you do not receive the invoice, you will not be allowed to participate in the competition.

The registration fee does not include payment for your accommodation, food and transportation.

Registration Fees

  • Each participating teams are required pay SGD$600.00 of registration fee. (excluding additional fees to be paid based on your bank requirements)
  • Confirmation email will be sent to teams once payment has been made. If you have yet to receive the email, you are not allowed to participate in the competition
  • The registration fees does not include payment for your accommodation, food and transportation.

TT Bank Transfer


Bank Name : United Overseas Bank Limited Singapore


Bank Code : 7375

Branch Code : 336

Account Number : 388-304-662-3

Swift Code : UOVBSGSG

After transferring, please kindly email TT slip to Admin.

Teams must make payment for online registration by 31st May 2019 (teams that fail to do so would not be allowed to participate in the competition). An invoice will be issued by GCMF upon receiving the payment. Invoice has to be presented on day of competition for registration.


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